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Understanding How Infrared Healing Light Works

The topic of infrared healing light is a somewhat controversial one. There are an awful lot of people out there who will tell you that light therapy is nothing more than a sham to part you from your hard-earned money. But the fact is, doctors have been using various light therapy techniques for decades. Simply because the technology has now found its way to the home market as a pain management system that you can self-administer doesn’t mean that it’s suddenly no longer viable. Here are some facts about infrared healing light and how it can work to alleviate pain.

The Difference Between Infrared Healing Light and Ultraviolet Light
“Light therapy” is an all-encompassing term, but not all light therapy techniques are the same. There’s a difference between infrared healing light and ultraviolet light that many people don't understand—but any medical professional will be able to tell you that both have specific uses.

  • Ultraviolet light isn’t used for pain management. This type of technology is used to kill bacteria and is often employed by doctors to speed up the healing process in wounds, which is something that’s critically important for patients with diabetes, who have a difficult time healing and are prone to infections. Ultraviolet light is also used for cosmetic purposes, mostly as a therapy to kill the bacteria responsible for acne and other skin conditions.
  • Infrared light is employed as a pain management technology in devices such as Light Relief®, which can be self-administered without the supervision of a doctor. It’s earned the name “infrared healing light” because of its proven ability to diminish pain due to various ailments, from arthritis to muscle injuries.

How Infrared Healing Light Works to Reduce Pain
There’s a misconception that infrared healing light actually heals a damaged muscle or an arthritic joint. This misconception is probably one of the reasons why there are so many naysayers out there—if light therapy could cure arthritis, it would be considered something of a miracle. What light therapy does, however, is emit energy that heats up bodily tissue and relieves pain. It doesn’t heal the root cause of the pain, it simply diminishes it—and in some cases, completely eliminates it—through heat and increased circulation. Infrared healing light puts in motion the chain of events that can lead to the stimulation of the body’s own healing process.

Infrared Healing, the Smart Way
If you’ve got a serious pain condition in your muscles or joints, an infrared healing light device can free up mobility and return flexibility so that you’re better able to exercise those areas to stave off the degenerative effects of pain. Note: If you’re using light therapy to treat a sports injury, it’s important that you not assume the disappearance of pain means the injury has completely healed. For this reason, it’s always smart to incorporate medical attention with a doctor’s advice when using light therapy.


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