Back and Hip Pain, Back Pain Massage

Back and hip pain is something that most of us suffer from, to one degree or another, especially as we get older. Accidents, old sports injuries, bad posture, poor diet and not enough exercise, as well as simply aging bones and cartilage all exact a toll as the years whiz by. And before you can even ask, "Where did all the time go?" you find yourself experiencing back and hip pain. Some of us seek out medical help for our back and hip pain. Others just muddle through somehow. Either way, the pain can get so bad, it can even make just getting out of bed an ordeal on some days.

You've probably tried every ointment, linament, cream and patch on the shelves of your local drugstore to find relief. Unfortunately, precious little was effective. Or you may well have turned to back pain massage, either by a professional or by a family member. Back pain massage is generally more effective than topical creams or ointments. Back pain massage at least stimulates increased blood flow to the affected region, providing some relief from the discomfort, however transient it may be. A pair of skilled hands can be a wondrous thing! Now, just imagine giving those same hands a fantastic new tool to work with: The Light Relief® light therapy device.

Light therapy is becoming recognized by the medical community as a potentially valuable component of back pain management, as well as the management of other types of pain. And the Light Relief® has been evaluated and cleared by the FDA to be safe and effective when used according to the included instructions included with it. As a part of your comprehensive back pain management, Light Relief® is a pain relief device that works by emitting energy in the infrared spectrum, thereby providing topical heating for the purpose of elevating and/or maintaining tissue temperature. You can use Light Relief® for back pain management or wherever heat application is prescribed for personal comfort and the temporary relief of minor muscle pain, joint pain and stiffness. To achieve maximum results, simply place it on the skin of the affected area. The Light Relief® does not emit any X-rays or other harmful radiation. What's more, it's totally silent. It creates a soothing, pleasurable, mild warmth in the areas you are treating. The Light Relief® is cordless and operates on six standard AA batteries. It also comes with a two-year warranty (automatically upgraded to a 5-year warranty if you choose to place your order using the one-payment option). The Light Relief® also makes a very thoughtful gift for someone!

Get relief from your back and hip pain today! Order your Light Relief® unit(s) now.


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