Painful Back Muscle Spasms, Back Pain Massage

We've all been there. You're going through the normal course of your day when suddenly a back muscle spasm grips you with pain and doesn't want to let go. A painful back muscle spasm can stop you cold in your tracks. Worse yet, most of us lead lives that don't always allow time-outs for painful back muscle spasm. Massage can usually help, but the relief isn't always enough. Fortunately for back spasm sufferers, the FDA recently approved a new therapy that should work wonders as a supplement to massage and exercise for back pain. It's called light therapy. Light therapy gently warms the affected tissues. Meantime, you feel a very pleasant sensation of warmth in the area.

Back pain massage has always been an effective therapy. Back pain massage is particularly effective when it's the back muscles and other soft tissues that are causing the pain. We're not suggesting using light therapy as a replacement for back pain massage. We're recommending using light therapy as the perfect complement to back pain massage. By using light therapy, you make the kneading action of massage even more effective and faster acting.

Doctors often prescribe exercise for back pain. Physical therapists certainly prescribe exercise for back pain. And a well-designed, carefully administered program of exercise for back pain can often achieve astounding results for the patient. So why not make it potentially even more effective by adding light therapy along with your exercise program? Especially now that the Light Relief® lets you reap the benefits of light therapy with no office visits or appointments required. Light Relief® allows you the freedom of enjoying light therapy in the comfort and privacy of your own home, office, hotel room or even your car. All this can be yours when you purchase your very own Light Relief® unit. You can also be a very thoughtful friend and purchase a second unit to give as a gift.

Add a new, more effective weapon to alleviate those painful back muscle spasms. Order your Light Relief® unit(s) now.


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