Chronic Neck Pain, Chronic Back Pain

Chronic neck pain is a common affliction because the neck is a part of the body that's easy to strain or injure. And once injury occurs, chronic neck pain can last a lifetime. Whether it's whiplash from a car accident, the result of getting hurt on the job or an old sports injury, chronic neck pain can be difficult to treat effectively—and even more difficult to live with. Not surprisingly, many neck pain sufferers turn to chiropractors in their quest for relief from the sometimes-debilitating pain. And most chiropractors do offer some real respite from the pain. But, like most neck pain treatments, the effect is usually only temporary. And what if there isn't a chiropractor around when you need them the most? How about an effective therapy for chronic neck pain that you can do for yourself, right in the comfort and privacy of your own home? We're talking about Light Relief®.

Light Relief® is not a cream, salve, ointment or patch. It's an exciting new therapy that's been cleared by the FDA for the temporary relief of chronic back pain, as well as the minor muscle pain, joint pain and stiffness that often accompanies it. Chronic back pain can make you miserable for years on end. Fortunately, both chronic back pain and chronic neck pain respond favorably to the heat and stimulation created by light therapy.

Light Relief® is a pain relief device that emits energy in the infrared spectrum, thereby providing topical heating for the purpose of elevating and/or maintaining tissue temperature. You may use Light Relief® wherever heat application is prescribed for personal comfort and the temporary relief of minor muscle pain, joint pain and stiffness, including chronic neck and back pain. The Light Relief® does not emit any X-rays or other harmful radiation. And it's totally silent. It creates a soothing, relaxing, enjoyable, mild warmth in the areas being treated. While we don't suggest Light Relief® as a replacement for chiropractic treatment (if you're already receiving it), we do recommend it as an excellent supplement to chiropractic treatment. If you're not currently under chiropractic treatment, why not give Light Relief® a try first?

Get relief from minor muscle and joint pain—even chronic neck pain and/or chronic back pain! Order your Light Relief® unit(s) now.


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