Knee Pain, Knee Joint Pain

Knee pain can be one of the most difficult and frustrating types of pain to deal with. That's because so much is resting on our knees—literally. With every step we take, we put hundreds of pounds of pressure per square inch on our knees. If you're already experiencing knee pain from an old injury, walking or even standing can become agonizing. Knee pain also has an unfortunate tendency to get worse with age, as cartilage wears down, causing bones to rub directly against each other more and more. The good news is that infrared light therapy can have a decidedly positive effect on knee pain.

Knee joint pain can really take you out of circulation. Just think how much of every day you spend walking, standing or even running. So knee joint pain sufferers tend to become less and less active, often becoming mere shadows of their former selves. This takes a toll on their health, not just physically, but emotionally and even mentally. One of the most promising aspects of infrared light therapy is that, while it won't give you the knees of a youthful star athlete, it can at least reduce your knee joint pain to the point where you can get out and start enjoying life once again.

Light therapy for pain utilizes infrared light to gently warm and relax muscle tissues. Light therapy for pain is absolutely safe and effective when used as directed. That's why we feel completely comfortable and confident offering you Light Relief®. Light Relief® takes the pain relief and therapeutic benefits of infrared light therapy out of the doctor's office and hospital, and puts them right into the palm of your hand. Light Relief® is a hand-held, battery-powered device which delivers a concentrated pulse of light therapy for pain right where it's needed: the source of the pain. No harmful radiation—just pure, natural, safe infrared light.

Kick knee pain and knee joint pain to the curb, and start enjoying walking again! Order your Light Relief® unit(s) now.


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