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Studies Show 80 Percent of Americans Will Experience Back Pain

A recent story in The New York Times emphasized the need for people to begin taking the health of their back into their own hands, literally: it reported that healthcare costs for back pain sufferers average $7000 per year, while those without back pain spend $4000 annually. Self-administered back care is just as important to preserving your bank account as it is to your ability to lead a normal, pain-free life. LED pain relief devices are just one way that back pain sufferers can achieve both goals.

LED pain relief, which can be administered through the use of infrared light devices that are easily affordable and FDA cleared, is just one part of an overall strategy to living a life free of back pain. Proper posture is another critical component that, when combined with proper exercise, can go a long way toward helping people avoid the development of back trouble. It can also play a significant role in lessening and sometimes completely eliminating existing back pain.

With a staggeringly high percentage of Americans—80 percent—experiencing back pain at one point or another during the course of their lives, the impact of combining proper posture, exercise and LED pain relief devices could lead to a substantial reduction in claims to overextended medical benefit resources nationwide.

LED Pain Relief: Taking Back Pain Therapy Into Your Own Hands
According to statistics, most Americans will need back pain therapy at some point. Find out how LED pain relief can make it affordable.

Light Therapy Taking Hold as Preferred Method of Knee Joint Pain Relief

The use of light therapy for knee joint pain relief is beginning to take hold as the preferred approach for many patients weary of extreme, potentially damaging measures. While there are many knee joint pain therapy techniques that provide positive results, some of the most commonly prescribed by doctors are viewed in a wholly negative light by their patients, for good reason.

  • The medication approach doesn’t always require a prescription, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any better for your health. There are a variety of over-the-counter pain relief pills and anti-inflammatories that can bring joint pain relief, but the drawbacks are considerable. Some of these medications can lead to heart or stomach problems, especially when taken for long periods of time.
  • Steroid injections are a common method of relieving pain, but the fact that they can lead to cartilage damage when performed too frequently can make them an undesirable option.
  • The surgical route is often a last-resort suggestion by doctors who have been unable to help their patients achieve pain relief through other methods. The only trouble is, far too many people opt for this without first exhausting all of their other resources or considering the potential and proven benefits of light therapy.

One of the most effective joint pain therapy methods involves the use of light therapy devices. This is a perfectly safe, non-invasive approach that directs infrared light to the affected area and delivers natural pain relief and increased joint flexibility. Light therapy can be given by a doctor in a physical therapy environment, and individual hand-held units can be purchased for private home use.

Light Therapy Gains Popularity as Joint Pain Therapy Alternative
Not all joint pain therapy options sound as appealing and painless as light therapy. Find out what those less desirable alternatives are.

Light Treatment and High Protein Combo Brings Muscle Pain Relief to Older Adults

The news just keeps getting better for older adults who suffer from muscle pain and muscle spasm pain. In a recent study that was published in The FASEB Journal, a leading biology publication, it was reported that drinking high-protein drinks after a workout can help older adults cope with resultant muscle pain. This, when combined with light treatment for muscles that have been inflamed during workout, could go a long way in emboldening older adults to engage in exercise they may have avoided for fear of post-workout agony.

The study also points out that high-protein drinks have a far greater ability to promote muscle growth and bring about a significant decrease in pain than energy drinks that contain carbohydrates. As a result of the natural breakdown of tissue that occurs with age, older adults are more prone to muscle spasm pain—a circumstance that’s led many to avoid exercise.

Light treatment for muscle pain is a technology that’s been around for decades but has only recently been cleared by the FDA for private use in the home. Previously, individuals suffering from joint and muscular pain would have had to visit a physical therapist to receive treatment in the form of infrared light, which has been shown to accelerate the healing process. Today, these devices can be purchased for private use in homes and have become a far more affordable alternative.

Light Treatment for Muscles: Using Light to Ease Muscle Spasm Pain
For older adults, light treatment for muscles can bring much needed relief to muscle spasm pain, significantly reducing post-workout agony.

Infrared Therapy Brings Relief to Sufferers of Shoulder Pain

A lot of people experience shoulder pain, but very few of them get the same kind of media attention as some major league baseball players do when they’re sidelined for a season due to an incapacitating injury. This isn’t a bad thing, of course, because it helps focus attention on a problem that many Americans face. And with greater exposure to the effects of shoulder pain comes a greater opportunity for many to discover the therapeutic benefits that can come from infrared therapy.

Infrared therapy isn’t exactly new. Doctors and physical therapists have been administering infrared therapy for a variety of maladies for decades. Some of the uses of infrared light therapy include the treatment of joint and muscle pain and even the acceleration of wound healing. The latter is frequently used for diabetics, who have a much slower recovery rate from cuts and are at risk for developing dangerous infections.

Today, people with joint pain, back pain, shoulder pain and even arthritis can find great relief through infrared therapy technologies that are available for private use in the home and don’t require the supervision of a doctor. Light Relief, LLC, is the manufacturer of an FDA-cleared infrared therapy device that uses technology that has been shown to improve the quality of life for many suffering from otherwise debilitating pain. For more information, visit

Infrared Therapy Isn’t Only for Major League Shoulder Pain
Read why infrared therapy for shoulder pain and shoulder injuries isn’t just for major league baseball players anymore.

As Healthcare Costs Rise, So Does Interest in LED Infrared Pain Therapy Devices

LED therapy, which uses infrared light aimed at sore joints and muscles for pain relief, is beginning to get a lot of attention these days as the skyrocketing cost of surgeries and pain medications, both of which can leave patients with a bevy of adverse effects, are causing people to seek out alternative therapies to their painful circumstances.

To control the rising cost of medical care, employers who offer group healthcare benefits to their workforce are raising the deductibles that employees have to pay out of pocket. But that’s not the only place where employers are inching up required employee contributions—this year, co-pay levels have also jumped as companies struggle to meet the demand for healthcare benefits while shouldering a large percentage of the cost of medical treatments and pharmaceutical prescriptions.

Meanwhile, the comparatively low cost of self-administered pain relief solutions is beginning to appeal to those interested in keeping spending down without having to increase their pain tolerance threshold. LED therapy devices remain among the most affordable home treatment options, and their acceptance by medical professionals—as well as their clearance by the FDA—are resulting in many taking the DIY approach to pain relief.

LED Therapy for Pain Relief Gains Popularity as Medical Costs Rise
Learn how LED therapy can help give you effective pain relief from stiff joints and injuries, while keeping your medical expenses down.

Infrared Light Therapy an Attractive and Affordable Alternative

It’s difficult enough for people to find the time and motivation to exercise without having to deal with crippling pain that may make it impossible to do so. For many who have finally come around to committing to positive life changes, resulting physical pain can sometimes be the great irony that keeps them from realizing their health goals. But lately, the increased availability of FDA-cleared devices that use infrared light therapy for pain relief and for the recuperation of injuries is breaking down this troublesome barrier.

Viewed by many as a "new" alternative pain relief method, infrared light therapy has actually been around for a very long time. Doctors have been using infrared light to treat a variety of injuries for decades, but only recently has this technology found its way onto the consumer market. Consumers view it as a far more attractive option to dealing with pain than prescription drugs, which can be costly and bring unpleasant side effects.

Light therapy pain relief units also have other features that make them highly appealing to those with an aversion to doctors’ offices and medication. Not only are they perfectly safe and easy to use, but they’re also affordable. An infrared light therapy unit like the Light Relief® device can be purchased for under $100, a welcome price tag compared to other manufacturers' devices that can cost upwards of $300 to $400.

Light Therapy for Pain Provides Cheap Alternative Pain Relief
Read about how light therapy for pain is becoming the alternative pain relief method of choice for those seeking lower medical bills.


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