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The Best Kinds of Shoes for Knee Joint Pain

If you’re looking for knee joint pain relief and don’t like wearing orthopedic shoes, you’re in luck. Recent studies have determined that the shoes doctors have been recommending for patients with chronic knee pain—stability shoes—may actually be the worst thing for them.

As it turns out, there are several types of shoes that reduce the stress on your knees. These include:

  • Athletic shoes
  • Flip-flops
  • Clogs
  • Flat shoes

An interesting fact, and probably great news to those who enjoy going without shoes at all, is that walking barefoot is the best possible method of achieving knee joint pain relief. Of course, this isn’t always recommended if you’re planning to walk the dog or go shopping, but it’s good to know that you can remain in absolute comfort in your home without compromising your knee health.

While the barefoot approach may help many, there are still others for whom walking in any type of shoe is impossible without great pain. If you’re one of these people, you can find great relief through the use of an infrared light therapy device. Light therapy is an alternative pain treatment that increases flexibility in the joints while bringing therapeutic relief from pain. When combined with the right type of shoe (or lack thereof), you can achieve increased mobility with substantially less pain.

Knee Joint Pain Relief: Shoes for Alternative Pain Treatment.
Sometimes your wardrobe provides alternative pain treatment. Find out what shoes are the best for knee joint pain relief.

The Top 3 Complements to LED Light Therapy

Infrared light technology can have a positive impact on the lives of those who suffer from many different types of pain. But using LED light therapy for pain management isn’t a cure-all, and looking on it as such is only a recipe for disappointment. Here is a list of the top 3 things you should be doing in addition to infrared light therapy to minimize your pain.

1. Exercise — People in pain tend to sneer at this suggestion. How is it possible to exercise if simple movement causes pain? Nevertheless, doctors continue to recommend daily exercise because it releases endorphins that greatly affect your mood and can have a beneficial effect on blocking pain impulses.

2. Cut back on alcohol — This isn’t to say that you’ve got to swear off the occasional glass of red wine with dinner, but excessive and routine drinking can lead to lower levels of REM sleep. The end result? A less restful night’s sleep, which can exacerbate bodily pain.

3. Quit smoking — We don’t want to sound like killjoys here, but the fact is that smoking impairs your body’s circulation, a critical component to achieving joint and muscle pain relief.

Remember that LED light therapy for pain works best when combined with other efforts, and can work small miracles when it comes to increasing the range of motion and flexibility needed for daily exercise.

LED Light Therapy for Pain: 3 Alternative Pain Relief Helpers.
LED light therapy for pain works best as alternative pain relief when you make certain lifestyle changes. Find out what those important changes are.

The Top 3 Pain Remedy Myths

Using light therapy for pain can go a long way toward helping you reclaim your life if you’re living under the shadow of pain. But it’s also important that you stop wasting time on pain remedies that don’t work and can even make matters worse. Here’s a list of the top 3 most pervasive pain remedy myths that you may have been spinning your wheels on for years.

Myth #1. Lots of bed rest will cure any ailment. This is a myth that’s been around for a very long time, but fortunately, doctors today have discovered that it’s absolute bunk. Sure, bed rest is essential if you’re sick or have been injured and need a few days to recuperate. But treating pain with convalescence is a bad idea that can actually make your pain worse.

Myth #2. Exercising a stiff joint or sore muscle can cause more damage. While it’s true that you should never overexert an injured muscle or tendon, treating stiff joints with immobility will only result in further stiffness. Exercise plays a critical role in pain relief. If joint pain or stiffness has made mobility almost impossible, using an infrared light therapy device can give you the necessary flexibility to exercise it.

Myth #3. Pain is a part of growing old. Sure, the odds of developing painful conditions increase with age. But simply because you’ve reached a certain age doesn’t mean that you’ve got to accept your lot in life and abandon all hope for successful pain remedies.

By combining light therapy for pain with a healthy diet and modest exercise, anyone can realize substantial gains in the area of pain management. In some cases, you may even be able to eradicate pain completely.

Light Therapy for Pain and 3 Myths About Pain Remedies.
Light therapy for pain works wonders, but many pain remedies and established pain relief “truths” are mere myths. Find out what the top 3 are.

Understanding the Benefits of Light Relief®

If you’re suffering from neck pain that makes your days miserable and your nights restless, you just might be the perfect candidate for the Light Relief® device, the pain therapy solution seen on TV. No doubt you’ve probably heard about Light Relief® by now. If not, you’ve certainly heard of similar technologies that can help treat neck pain and other bodily aches. But can light actually relieve pain?

The answer is yes. But not just any light will do it. Try sitting in front of a strobe lamp for a few hours and see how that makes you feel. Soon, you may come to the determination that different types of light yield different effects. In the case of the Light Relief® device, the light that’s emitted is infrared light.

Infrared light can be emitted via LEDs and has the effect of increasing the temperature of the body’s tissue. This method works far better than heating pads, which only heat the surface of your skin and don’t get to the root of the pain as effectively. When an LED light is pointed at a particular part of the body, the light is able to penetrate underneath the skin, resulting in far more effective and therapeutic pain relief.

Visit for more information on the pain therapy seen on TV, Light Relief®.

Neck Pain Cure: The Pain Therapy Seen on TV That Works.
Doubtful that any pain therapy “as seen on TV” can work? Find out for yourself how infrared light therapy can bring sweet relief to neck pain.


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